I have been using Barbara ever since she launched her own company. I am not always on top of things, so when I had to get a large order of personalized gifts to my employees, I never expected that we would end up with such high quality products and under Budget. The variety of items to choose from is enormous and the delivery times are quick. SO happy with Bcon and so are my employees. Great Company, Best Service!! Longs Collectables

  • Kathleen
  • Longs Collectables
  • Nov 02, 2017

Working with Bcon promotions was a dream come true. Barbara immediately understood what I was looking for and got me better pricing than someone I was using for the past 10 years. I am so happy I listened to my brother who recommended this company, I will definitely use them again.

  • YTB contracting
  • Nov 08, 2016